Lake Tekapo
New Zealand is beautiful and good for training. Read more on the blog...

Lake Tekapo


World Cup season is over! More stories on the blog. You can also follow my sport life with new photos several times a week in the Facebook.



Sunny in Italy!
Every day is a sunny day in Carezza! Good conditions, good training. Read more in the blog...

Sunny in Italy!


Too warm!
This is warm to be November! Appenzell had +20'C in the weekend.

Too warm!


On snow!
Ski training has started with 2 camps!

On snow!

Summer and training!


On holiday


For fans

200th world cup start

With bib number 7 will start tomorrow's slalom race. The course is set by a Croation coach, so there'll be tight lines. Better be awake in the morning inspection. :-)

On home snow

The recovery from the American Tour is well on the way. Of course I felt the first gym nicely, but at least I have been sleeping roughly at the right time of the day :).  And I've been able to fit even skiing in the agenda. 

We also got together with my friends for a small Christmas party at Levi cabin. Nothing beats great food in good company, sauna and snow angels  :)

Levi 2010

Tanja in Levi through Patrick Forsblom's lins

Together forward

Great weekend!

Along with the top results at home slope came also very positive things concerning future - the sponsorship agreements with KPMG and Levi were continued. For a professional athlete it's good to think from time to time about something else than gates. :)

Never the less, no wonder it felt nice at the work orientation this fall at KPMG - the company became second in the research for 'The worlds most attractive employers'.

Levi smile

So close

Season Opening

Halti in studio

Halti for winter's wind and storm

At home

Rovaniemi - Unicef partner city

Rovaniemi is the Unicef partner city in Finland in year 2010 and during this year several charity events are hosted in our city. Rovaniemi seeks to help the schools in Africa and already with small sums we all can make a difference - for instance 50 Euro gives school suplies to several students. On my behalf I want to be a part of the partner city year and remind the people how good we have it here in the north - now it would be our time to help. We have received a lot from Unicef after the war and now in Africa as well as in many other places beaten by war and natural disasters there are children to whom every Euro counts. On Saturday the Unicef concert gathered a great audience and raised support for a good cause. Along with music, three look-a-like dolls were auctioned - one of the host Arttu Harkki, one of me and the third of the another godparent John StorgÄrd. Thank you very much for the audience for being part of helping the children of the world.

And if the sun doesn't shine... might be sunny in the village at 1700 m. And like you can see from the picture, the soccer field is crowded in the afternoon.

Behind ou can see the glacier where we train in the mornings.

Sun shines sometimes in Saas Fee

Saas Fee is picture perfect when the weather co-opperates. The course is 3500 m high and can be reached by train combined to gondola from the valley. On the glacier there are lots of people "hiking" daily and cooling off on the high altitude.

Our training course is on the right in the picture. The peak is just about 4000 m high. Beautiful, don't you think?

Welcome to my new website!

On my way to ski camp in Stelvio

Levi 24

12 km of gravel road, narrow paths, stony bits, wooden ramps and trails and concrete.

Unique mountain biking event, simple idea: 24 hours and team / biker who rode the longest distance wins - the amount of riding and the challenge depends fully on the riders' will power! And we got plenty of that. 

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